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Online and technology FAQ

As you are studying online, using technology well is going to be a key to your success. When everything works well, technology is great; when it doesn’t, it’s not. It’s important to be able to work your way around various technologies, problem solve, and work efficiently and effectively with them.

Technology Requirements

Before you can begin your studies you should ensure that you have the correct hardware and software, and a reliable internet connection (your specific unit might encourage you to have a minimum speed, such as broadband). You can find more information about technology requirements here under the “Technology needed for online study” tab here.

Blackboard Help

You can find Blackboard assistance here. There is also an introductory video on the home page of your unit, and further help is available at the students tab at the top of your Blackboard screen.

Please ask us specific questions and we will set up the answers for you.


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