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Graduate attributes

Curtin University is committed to producing graduates who demonstrate a set of nine graduate attributes. These attributes tell an employer that, through your studies, you have acquired discipline knowledge and a range of other skills and attributes which would be useful in a professional setting.

Learning outcomes

As a Curtin OUA student, each unit in your course will address the graduate attributes through a clearly identified set of learning outcomes which form a vital part in the process referred to as assurance of learning. The learning outcomes tell you what you are expected to know, understand or be able to do in order to be successful in this unit.


Each assessment for every unit is carefully designed to test your achievement of one or more of the unit learning outcomes. On successfully completing all of the assessments you will have achieved all of these learning outcomes.

Assurance of learning

Your course has been designed so that on graduating we can say you will have achieved all of Curtin’s graduate attributes through the assurance of learning process in each unit.



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