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Be organised

  • Is ‘being organised’ an innate personal attribute, or is it a skill that can be learned?
  • Do you consider yourself an organised person?
  • Does it even really make that much difference to being successful in a teaching career?

Only one of the answers is straightforward, and that is a definite ‘Yes’ to the last one. We’ll discuss that more, further down.

As to the first question: in common with most attributes, some people will be more temperamentally inclined to seek and establish order and organisation, while others are not as bothered by chaos or can trust more to spontaneous resolution of problems. However, everyone can learn to be more organised when they need to be. That last point helps to answer the second question about whether being an organised person is an all or nothing situation – it’s not necessarily so. Many of us have areas in our lives where we are supremely organised and others where mess and chaos may reign….. perhaps just think about where you live: is your work desk pristine but are your clothes all over the place? Are you compelled to keep your sitting room neat as a pin but overlook the mess in the kitchen?

The key is about maintaining personal levels of comfort and control. Some people really struggle to control their physical environments to the extent that they become stressed or paralysed by disorganisation and clutter, and this then becomes a real problem. This blog about some of the roots and impacts of being unable to get or stay sufficiently organised.

This organisation can assist – and even if you are not chronically disorganised, you may find some useful suggestions and resources.

As to whether it’s important or even necessary to be well organised in order to succeed as a teacher, consider the following scenarios:



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