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MTeach Early Childhood

This page has all the information you need to engage in the following PE units

  • PE1 – MTEC501
  • PE2 – MTEC502
  • PE3 – MTC600

Please note, the Internship unit is located separately here, as it has different requirements to PE 1, 2 and 3.

Students require access to an accredited Early Learning Centre with infants and young children (Birth-3 years of age), two schools and a before formal schooling setting (see MTEC502) in which to undertake their professional experience placements (and be able to travel to these educational settings). The total number of days of professional experience in the course will satisfy all states’ requirements for teacher registration.



This unit will critically examine the principles and practices appropriate to plan and implement appropriate learning experiences for children in Early Learning and Care settings. The unit will focus on exploring intentional teaching and child centred approaches to teaching and learning during a professional experience placement.

The first professional experience unit requires placement in an Early Learning Centre comprising of a 1 day visit for 5 weeks immediately followed by a block of 10 consecutive days.


This unit is the second of a series of Professional Experience placements. The focus for this professional experience is to critically examine the principles and practices appropriate for planning, assessing and reporting in educational settings prior to formal schooling (for Prep, Pre-primary, Reception, Transition, Foundation or Kindergarten – terminology differs in each State).

The second professional experience unit contains a block placements of 15 consecutive days in educational settings prior to formal schooling.


This unit is the third of a series of Professional Experience placements. This unit focuses on principles, processes and impacts of classroom, school level and system data collection, analysis and interpretation. Data relevant to Indigenous educational outcomes will be interrogated, emphasising an evidentiary approach to program and policy development in classrooms, schools and beyond. This unit interrelates theory and practical components throughout the content and assessment tasks.

The third professional experience unit contain a block placement of 15 consecutive days in a school setting, with 6 – 8 year olds (Junior Primary) in a government or non-government school.

How do I approach schools?

*For students outside WA only

Use the following documents when approaching schools to find a PE placement:

Guidelines for Contacting Schools

PE School Introductory Letter – all units

Master of Teaching (ECE) PE Handbook

WA students go directly to ‘Do I have everything I need to go on PE?’

Who do I contact for support during PE?

For PE administration queries please contact the Curtin School of Education OUA PE Team ( ) using this email template.

For PE Academic queries please contact your Tutor, Unit Coordinator, or Course Coordinator.

Curtin Connect: your Curtin hub for general student service, support and advice

Curtin Personal Support