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Contacts and support FAQ

Throughout your journey as a Curtin OUA student, we know that there may be times when you will need additional support: academic, personal, or access.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about who your key contacts and support will be while you complete your Bachelor of Education with Curtin OUA.

If you have more questions, or would like further detail, please comment below.

How can I contact my tutor?

Visit Blackboard
Step 1: Log on to Blackboard
Step 2: ‘Your Unit Coordinator and Tutors’

You will find contact details for your tutors and unit coordinators within the link on the unit sidebar on your unit’s Blackboard site.

How can I contact Curtin University for a question I have?

Visit our Contact Us page
Visit Contact Us for a list of useful contacts.

How can I apply for a Curtin Access Plan (CAP)?

Two steps are required to develop a Curtin Access Plan (CAP):

  1. Attend an Intake Interview with a Disability Advisor, in person or by telephone
  2. Provide supporting medical documentation

What is a Curtin Access Plan (CAP)?
A Curtin Access Plan (CAP) is a document that outlines the support recommended by Disability Services to assist a student with disability in their studies. It is the main communication document used by Disability Services to recommend reasonable adjustments a student may be eligible for while studying at Curtin.

The CAP has recommendations for coursework and assessment where applicable and the schools and departments are required to comply with these recommendations as far as possible. The recommendations are subject to discussion and negotiation either with you or the Disability Advisor. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Disability Advisor if you have any queries or concerns about the content of the CAP.

You will be in control of your disability information and to whom it is distributed. The information contained in the CAP about your disability, if any, will be determined in conjunction with you, with your consent.

The CAP will have a review date, after which it is invalid. When it is due for review, you will be required to contact a Disability Advisor to update your CAP.

Why might I need a CAP?
There are a number of factors that might disadvantage some students from participating in their studies or assessments to the best of their ability, under standard conditions. These factors may include:

  • a disability or medical condition (e.g. mental illness, chronic illness, physical or sensory disability, learning disability)
  • significant family responsibilities
  • pregnancy
  • religious practices
  • living in a remote location
  • or another reason.

How can I access support services for personal or family problems?

All Curtin students, including our Curtin/OUA online students, are entitled to access Curtin Counselling for free, confidential and professional services. Students may require individual counselling for personal, psychological, or study-related issues.

Open Universities Australia (OUA) Counselling
Student counselling is also offered directly by OUA.

Student Wellbeing Advisory Service at Curtin
This is a confidential help line for all questions – big or small – for support, guidance or referral. Friendly advisors are available from 9:00am to 4:00pm WST.

If you have a question or a problem and don’t know where to go, start with Student Wellbeing, and they’ll put you on the right track.

Who can I contact if I believe I have been unfairly disadvantaged?

It is important to note that the staff of the university may not be able to meet your needs if they are not informed of your individual circumstances so please get in touch with the appropriate service if you require assistance.

Access Student Equity   or email Student Equity
Access Counselling and Disability Services
Access Multi-faith services

For general wellbeing concerns or advice please contact Curtin’s Student Wellbeing Advisory Service.


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