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Study FAQ

To succeed in your study, it will be important to understand:

  • the School of Education’s expectations
  • the resources available to help you meet these expectations
  • what support is offered if you experience study troubles.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about studying your Bachelor of Education with Curtin OUA.

If you have more questions, or would like further detail, please comment below.

How much support can I expect from my tutor?

Assistance for assessments is usually provided through:

  • material posted on Blackboard (assessment rubrics, breakdowns of assessments etc)
  • Q&A on discussion boards
  • sometimes through targeted Collaborate sessions
  • sometimes, Tutors may respond to specific emailed questions
  • sometimes a UC may produce a specific FAQ wiki for assessments
  • and of course the written feedback you get in each assessment.

Usually, your assessment will be marked up (punctuation, grammar, writing, ideas) and have a general comment which will point out the things you’ve done well, and something at which you could improve.

Where can I access information and resources for effective study?

Students will also be able to inform themselves by becoming familiar with some key documents and web pages, as follows:

Grammarly: Improve grammar and vocabulary skills with Grammarly’s instant online assignment feedback.

Face-to-face or Online consultations with academic study skills advisors: Book a personalised study skills development appointment with a writing or numeracy advisor during semester periods.

Online Study Skills Programs: Brush up on your academic study and writing skills through a collection of on-demand online interactive tutorials

For access to extra study assistance from Curtin University.
For Curtin University’s helpful Library Guides.

Where can I access support to develop effective academic writing?

Good academic writing will be a keystone for your progress though your course. If you want to, or need to , or been told you need to  improve, then there are a number of services you might access.

Smarthinking through OUA
This service is designed to supplement students’ learning experiences while studying at Open Universities Australia. Students are linked to a service administered outside the Blackboard environment and independent of Curtin University and OUA. Smarthinking enables students to connect to a tutor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More information is available on Blackboard. Note that Smarthinking tutors do not have any details relating to assessment tasks and so the help they offer may not align with actual assessment requirements.

For assistance contact the OUA Student Advisors by email or by telephone +61 03 8628 2555.

Curtin Learning Centre
Comprehensive support for many aspects of students’ learning is offered through face to face and online resources via the Learning Centre.

Curtin UniEnglish
This website has been designed to support students whose first language is not English. The Curtin University UniEnglish website contains English language resources, activities, support information, and links to diagnostic assessment tests.

Online automated writing feedback is available free with Grammarly for Curtin students via this link:

Online Learning Support
Students are able to also book online learning support.

What will happen if I fail a unit?

Should you fail a unit, you are put on Conditional Status in terms of your course as a whole. More fails will lead to a discussion re termination of your enrolment.

It is best to re-apply quickly and redo the unit as soon as possible (and pass it!)

How should I correctly reference my work?

Correct Referencing
Referencing your work correctly is seen as very important. Both end text and in text referencing is important. The referencing style for the School of Education is APA 6th Ed.
More information can be found on this style from the Library web site.

Use this resource to help reference the Australian Curriculum.

What should I do if my tutor tells me my work has not been properly referenced?
Poor in-text referencing can contribute to plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offence.
Plagiarism occurs when work or property of another person is presented as one’s own, without appropriate acknowledgement or referencing.

Student guidelines for avoiding plagiarism can be found here or at the Academic Integrity site.

Work submitted may be subjected to a plagiarism detection process, which may include the use of systems such as ‘Turnitin‘.


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