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Enrolment FAQ

Learn more about how to enrol, change units or withdraw from units and where to access information about your study.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about enrolling in the Bachelor of Education with Curtin OUA.

If you have more questions, or would like further detail, please comment below.

How do I know I am in the right unit/s?

Visit the OUA website
You can see all of the units in your course listed on the course details page of the OUA website.

Visit Curtin Student Oasis
If at any time you are unsure you have enrolled in the correct units, you can check your enrolment:
Step 1: Log onto Curtin Student Oasis
Step 2: Select the ‘my studies’ tab

Access your enrolment statement
You can also print or save an enrolment advice.

Contact a Curtin student advisor
If you would like to seek personal advice about which units you should enrol in, you can email a student advisor at Curtin University at

Please note that although we will guide and assist you with your questions, it remains your responsibility as a student to ensure that your enrolment is correct.

Download this helpful booklet:

If I am enrolled in more than one unit, do I complete them both at the same time?


If you enrolled in two units in the same Study Period, then you must allow time to manage both of them concurrently. Do not finish one unit and then begin the other. Log onto Blackboard sites for both units and check when activities and assessments are due, and then plan your workload for the Study Period.

Two units per Study Period is considered a full time study load.

Where will I see my units and their contents?

From day one of the Study Period.

You will be able to access all of the content for your unit/s via Blackboard from this time.

Once you click onto the link to your unit/s for the current Study Period, you will see the program calendar and all the other links you will need in order to find the content.

How can I change my enrolment?

Swapping units or withdrawing units can now be done directly through OUA.
Find out more about changing your study with OUA.

Read through the relevant information pages for key dates, penalty information and refund information to see what applies to your situation.

If you would like to chat with one of our student advisors, call 1300 363 652.

What happens if I have credit for studies completed elsewhere?

You need to formally apply for Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL). This is because each university has its own record systems and these are not visible to each other, even if you have completed elective units through OUA but with provider universities other than Curtin University.
Learn how to get units that were completed through other university providers formally credited to your Curtin course.

When applying for CRL:
It is a good idea to do this promptly once the units are completed to avoid any delay with being able to enrol in the final internship unit.

We do not permit students to enrol in the internship unit until we can see how all units in the degree will be accounted for.

We do allow students to enrol in the internship unit pending completion of their final units, as long as we can see that once the internship study period commences, the student will have 700 points of study credit on their record.

Curtin University cannot set students to “Course Complete” and provide a Final Academic Transcript until 800 points of credit are visible on the student’s record. Therefore, we do not want to see students held up from being able to register for teaching, on the account of “missing” electives units.

How can I find out about the other units in my course?

Also, units in our OUA course are offered in study periods over the year. When you will attempt each unit affects when other units become available to you, so if you would like to make a plan of your course as a general guide, you can use this software – MiPlan

If you require further assistance, you are welcome to contact

Where can I access my Unit Outline?

Visit Blackboard.
Step 1: Log on to Blackboard.
Step 2: Follow the link to the site from where you can access and download your Unit Outline.

Unit Outlines contain important information about your unit, including staff contact details, what you will study, course textbooks and important assessment information. You should download and read your unit outline thoroughly before you begin your studies.

Unit Outlines are generally not uploaded until the first day of the Study Period.

Can I withdraw from a unit after the census date?

Yes, but you may be liable for a penalty if you withdraw after this date.

Withdrawing before the census date?
In general, you may withdraw from units in your current study period, without incurring penalties, up until the relevant census date.  The dates relevant to unit withdrawal are listed on an important dates page.

Withdrawing one month after census date?
You may still withdraw from your unit(s) of study for approximately 1 month after the final date for withdrawal (the census date) but with penalty. This period is known as the final period for withdrawal from units with penalty. Withdrawal from any unit(s) during this period will be recorded on your academic record as “Withdrawn” (WD) and that you will still be liable for the relevant student contributions or tuition fees.

Withdrawing under special circumstances?
If you would like to receive special consideration after the census date for extenuating circumstances beyond your control that have impinged on your ability to fulfil or complete the requirements of your studies you may submit an application for a Withdrawal Under Special Circumstances (WUSC). You are advised to visit Withdrawal Under Special Circumstances to determine if your circumstances and situation are appropriate before submitting an application.


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