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B.Ed (Primary) Professional Experience

The Professional Experience units within the primary program are purposefully structured to ensure you develop the skills and content knowledge required to support your development as a teacher. The initial focus is upon pedagogy and planning; then you will move on to managing learning environments and finally assessment practices.

The underlying focus area common to all of the units is the development of reflective practice. An effective teacher is one who engages in reflective practice, it informs everything that we do in the classroom. The capstone experience in the suite of Professional Experience units is the Education Internship. This will mark your transition from pre-service student teacher to beginning teacher.

Placements are undertaken on a full-time basis for the number of days shown in a continuous block, students need to plan carefully to ensure they are able to meet this commitment. Students must be able to complete placements in more than one school over the duration of the Course.

Students’ placements must be completed in all year levels: junior (Y1-2), middle (Y3-4) and upper (Y5-6) primary to satisfy all States’ requirements for teacher registration.

EDP210 and EDP227 You will do your Professional Experience for EDP210 and EDP227 at the same school and with the same mentor teacher.

You will need to follow this sequence. If you don’t, it may delay your progression in the course.

EDP210 SP1 and EDP227 SP2  or  EDP210 SP2 and EDP227 SP3

EDP210 Placement (Annual)
The first Professional Experience involves a two week block placement. This is an annual placement as you will return to the same school and classroom.  Emphasis during the first placement is on helping you to relate successfully to children in small groups and on an individual basis, developing basic skills and knowledge as a novice teacher, and gaining an understanding of the role of the teacher.

EDP227 Placement (Annual)
In the second placement, you will have a three-week block placement in the same school as the first placement. The focus for this professional experience is creating and managing a positive learning environment.

Students should access the following documents:

EDP210 – EDP227 Primary Annual Placement Handbook
EDP210 – EDP227 Introductory Letter of Schools
EDP210 – EDP227 Mentor Teacher and Supervisor Details Forms

EDP320 This unit is the third of a series on professional practice.

In the third placement, you will have a four-week block placement. It is intended to build on the learning experienced during the previous units and to extend this to the development of a personal teaching philosophy and classroom management plan. Overall, the intention of aligning the units on professional practice is for students to become truly reflective teachers.

It is expected that students will apply what they learn within the unit in their 3rd year practicum placement and have many opportunities to reflect upon this in their day-to-day work. Working through the focus areas within the modules whilst in the school will give students an opportunity to learn from their Mentor teachers’ views on the topics covered.
This will provide an invaluable reflective tool for the student. Professional experience is a major component of this unit.

Key goals
The particular focus of this unit is threefold:

  • the development of a personal philosophy of education including classroom management,
  • development of assessment and evaluation skills, and
  • the further development of lesson planning skills.

Students should access the following documents:
EDP320 Professional Experience 3: Evaluating Learning Placement Handbook
EDP320 Introductory Letter for Schools 2020
EDP320 Mentor Teacher and Supervisor Details Forms


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