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B.Ed (Early Childhood Education) Professional Experience

The Professional Experience units within the Early Childhood Education program are purposefully structured to ensure you develop the skills and content knowledge required to support your development as a teacher. The initial focus is upon pedagogy and teaching in junior primary; then you will move on to developing supportive learning environments for 3-5 years and finally teaching and learning practices for 0-5 years. The underlying focus area common to all of the units is the development of reflective practice.

An effective teacher is one who engages in reflective practice; it informs everything that we do in the classroom. The capstone experience in the suite of Professional Experience units is the Education Internship. This will mark your transition from pre-service student teacher to beginning teacher.

Remember that you need to find a school that does not contravene Curtin Policy. Students are not permitted to complete placements:

  • Where immediate relatives (or children) are employed or attend
  • At their place of employment
  • At a school where they have previously undertaken professional experience

There may be particular circumstances where this may be allowed, but only if express permission has been received from the Unit Coordinator after all factors have been considered.  Otherwise, to do this is in direct contravention of policy, as clearly stated in the professional experience guidelines. We may check this with school staff, and your contravention of this policy places them in a difficult position as well as resulting in a fail for you and possible termination of your studies.

EDE220 This unit focuses on children in school settings age 6-8 years (Junior Primary - years 1-3)

The unit provides a comprehensive overview of theory and practice in establishing and creating emotionally supportive, equitable, healthy, safe and effective learning environments.

You will explore multiple pedagogies, the role of the educator, design elements of quality environments and authentic documentation in rich early childhood settings. You will develop the ability to design, implement, document and evaluate effective early childhood programs for children aged between 6-8 years of age.

Through your engagement with the unit content, you will begin to formulate a personal approach to teaching. This unit includes a three week block professional experience placement (fifteen days) in a junior primary school setting catering for children aged 6-8 years.

Students should access the following documents:

EDE220 PE1: Learning and Teaching in Junior Primary Handbook
EDE220 Mentor Teacher and Supervisor Details Forms
EDE220 Introductory Letter to Schools

EDE310 This unit focuses on children aged 3-5 years in a school setting (Kindergarten to Pre-primary)

Please be advised  Early Childhood Education students must complete complete EDE310 Professional Experience 3: Kindergarten to Pre-primary Learning Environments (Prep, Pre-primary, Reception, Transition, Foundation or Kindergarten -Terminology differs in each state) in a government or non-government school setting.

During this unit pre-service teachers examine a variety of approaches to guide children’s behaviour and constructing collaborative partnerships and positive reciprocal relationships with children, families, and communities.

Tasks undertaken in this unit will employ  research processes through interactions with three to five year old children; engaging in observation, interpretation and documentation of children’s learning; and designing inquiry-based learning projects.

During the four week professional experience pre-service teachers will plan and implement a range of learning experiences and gain experience establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment.

Students should access the following documents:

EDE310 PE3: Kindergarten to Pre-primary Learning Environments Handbook
EDE310 Introductory Letter to Schools
EDE310 Mentor Teacher and Supervisor Details Forms

EDE360 This unit focuses on Birth to 5 year olds in an Early Learning Centre

This unit will require the practical application of curriculum and early childhood pedagogy appropriate to young children in early learning settings. Students will be provided with an opportunity to develop a leadership style through engaging with the organisational culture and professional learning community while attending an  early learning centre practicum one day a week (for 5 weeks) followed by a three week block.

Planning and implementing high quality learning experiences and supportive environments to maximise learning opportunities for infants, toddlers and young children will be a feature of this unit. Students will build on previous practicum experiences to build collaborative partnerships with families and colleagues. The unit will examine National and State law and policy and the impact these have on early learning environments, families and children.

Students should access the following documents:

EDE360 Professional Experience 2: Quality Frameworks in Early Learning Centres Handbook
EDE 360 Introductory Letter for Early Learning Centres
EDE360 Mentor Teacher and Supervisor Details Forms


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