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Internship B Ed (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary)

The capstone experience in the suite of Professional Experience units is the Education Internship. This will mark your transition from pre-service student teacher to beginning teacher. The Internship is a unit called EDC450 Professional Experience 4: The Internship. It will be the final unit you complete within your program of study. The Internship is a full school term placement where you will work alongside an experienced classroom teacher. Your internship has been designed so that you have an increasing amount of responsibility for a class of children and their learning. This placement is the start of your transition into becoming a beginning teacher, as such, you will assume more responsibility for the planning, implementation and reflecting on learning outcomes for all learners in your class. Please examine the materials below carefully and endeavour to be fully prepared for this most important placement.

Internships are offered in all study periods.

Completing your placement

You complete your placement over one full school term in the term immediately following the start of the SP in which you are enrolled – SP1 enrolled students thus complete their placements in school Term 2, SP2 in school Term 3, SP3 in school Term 4, and SP4 school in Term 1 the following year.

All internships will be completed over one full school term and no negotiation on this requirement is possible. There are formal Teacher Registration classroom contact time requirements that must be met. When you approach a school, make an appointment to meet with the principal, and take a copy of the Introductory Letter and the Internship Handbook, to the meeting.

As soon as you have secured a placement in a school, please fill in the mentor and supervisor forms as soon as you have all the information, and email them to Curtin ( before the SP starts. It is very important that if there are any changes to your mentor or school-based supervisor details that you notify Curtin immediately.

Please familiarise yourself with the Internship Handbook; this contains a wealth of information about your Internship and should answer many of the questions you may have.

You will visit your school five (5) times, for five (5) full days, prior to the internship, in order to familiarise yourself with the school, class and teacher and to enable you to plan.  You may, of course, do more observation days if you desire. This is to be completed in the term prior to your internship, within the study period in which you are enrolled. These visits are informal and will not be formally supervised, however, they must be documented and sent into Curtin.

Supervision of the internship is managed at the school level, and there will be a final interview that will involve Curtin University staff.

Completion of final units

Your internship cannot be started until all other units have been passed.

Students who are enrolled in their final units the Study Period before they wish to enrol in their internship will find they cannot.  Students who find they have this enrolment restriction will need to email the professional experience office to request the mandatory clearance checks be made to lift the restriction, enabling their enrolment.

You do not need to enrol for the following study period, even though your internship placement will continue into the next SP.  You enrol and pay only once.
Students who complete their Internship in SP1 (Term 2) may be eligible for graduation in September.  To be eligible for the Sydney graduation (May) students would need to have completed the course the year before.  Please refer to the graduation website.

What do I need to know about the 5 Full day pre visits?

As part of completing the Internship unit, you will need to complete 5 FULL day pre-visits at your host school.

The visits are a time for you to meet your class and mentor teacher, identify the students’ characteristics and learning needs for the following term, plan collaboratively with your mentor, and familiarise yourself with all class and school routines and policies.

Please note the following:

  • You must keep a record of these visits and submit the record to Curtin  ( as soon as they are completed.
  • The visits can only begin once the SP starts, usually 4-5 weeks at the end of the school term before you start your teaching block. Any informal visits completed before the SP starts can NOT be counted, as you are not an official representative of Curtin at that time. However, feel free to complete extra visits before the SP starts if you wish to, and if the school allows, as a volunteer.
  • You can complete the 5 days any way you prefer – one day a week for five weeks or in one full week.

If you have any further queries regards these visits, please email

Considering taking your Internship in SP4?

An enrolment in SP4/Term 1 will NOT be appropriate for most students as there is limited opportunity to complete your five familiarisation and planning visits due to school holidays. Most students will also find it difficult to secure an Internship placement for the whole of Term 1. If you believe that your particular circumstances will suit an enrolment for SP4/Term1, please seek confirmation of this before enrolling. If you are successful in securing a placement for Term 1 of a school year, then you will need to complete the pre-visits in Term 4 of the preceding year.

Any student considering enrolling in EDC450 in Study Period 4, MUST be aware of the following:

  • You must make five familiarisation and planning visits to the school prior to your full-time placement.
  • You cannot begin these visits until you are enrolled in the units and the SP commences.
  • Clearance to enrol in the Internship will be given at the usual time and in time for enrolment in the SP – this clearance cannot be brought forward.
  • This means that visits cannot commence until the SP has started.
  • This means that students will only have approx. three weeks in which to visit the school five times, and most schools and teachers will not welcome this at this time of the school year.
  • You will then have a long holiday break with no contact, followed by an expectation that you begin your placement on Day One of Term 1 – again, this can be difficult for schools and teachers to manage. You cannot expect a mentor teacher to be available to you during the summer holiday break.

Therefore, we must again make it very clear to everyone that this option will not suit standard circumstances and is only provided to avoid undue delay for certain students who are in particular positions.

You will be subject to the usual clearance processes that are managed by administration and these will happen in the usual way. This involves checking that you will have completed all units prior to your Internship, have applied for any CRL that is applicable for Electives, and that you have passed the mandatory literacy and numeracy tests.

Planning for and enrolling in the Internship Unit

This information explains the process by which students can be enrolled into the final unit of the degree, EDC450 Professional Experience 4: The Internship.

Students will find that they cannot automatically enrol in the unit via the OUA website as usual.  This is because the unit is blocked until all other units have been completed.  Enrolment is dependent upon us in the School of Education providing specific clearance for each student to OUA so that they can remove the block.

We understand that students will still be engaged in their final academic units at the time they need to enrol in EDC450 for the following SP.  Students do NOT need to leave a space of one SP before enrolling, as we will provide clearance based on the presumption that the final units will be passed. We are able to do this because the placement itself does not begin until 6 or 7 weeks into the SP.  Therefore, there will be time to withdraw, before the census date, once you know your final marks for assignments in the units.  If you know you have not passed a unit, you can then withdraw from the Internship unit well before the 10-11 week (School Term) placement begins. Students are also required to let the proposed school staff know at this point.  If students do not withdraw promptly themselves, they run the risk of incurring penalties, and we will advise the school directly, after the official results release date.

The clearance process for the Internship unit involves our staff here:

  • Checking that all units will have been successfully completed by the end of the SP immediately prior to the internship.
  • Checking that any electives not completed through Curtin University have been applied for via the Application for Credit for Recognised Learning process.
  • Checking that your Working with Children/Police Clearance (applicable to your state) are current and valid for the duration of your Internship.
  • Mentor and Supervisor forms.

Enrolment restriction through Open Universities Australia will be lifted once the above has been received and confirmed by the placement office.

The most efficient way for students to manage this whole process is to first of all check that all units will be accounted for, and then, when you are confident you are eligible to enrol in the Internship unit, email asking that the clearance be provided for you. Your request will be attended to promptly but cannot be undertaken until the SP immediately prior to the proposed Internship.  Please do not leave it until the enrolment closing date before seeking clearance as we do not wish to risk you not being able to enrol.

Please note that the above is a standard process for all students.  There will be additional information required as part of the clearance process if students are seeking any special consideration of their individual circumstances that lead to seeking to vary the requirements for placements. That includes seeking to return to a previous school, repeat a year level, undertaking a placement where previously employed or where there are pre-existing relationships of any kind.  Those requests will be considered on their merits on a case by case basis.

What year level do I need to work in to for the ECE Internship?

Early Childhood Education students need to complete their internship with 3 – 5 year olds (Pre-primary, Reception, Transition, Foundation or Kindergarten) in a school setting.

What year level do I need to work in for the Primary Internship?

Primary students need to complete their  Internship in a different year level to previous school experiences, e.g. if you have completed Year 1 and Year 3 you will need to complete an upper year level.

Students’ must have completed all year levels: junior (Y1-2), middle (Y3-4) and upper (Y5-6) primary to satisfy all States’ requirements for teacher registration.

When do I get my final grade and transcript?

Post Internship:

The Curtin Graduations Website will provide you with the step by step guide for preparing for graduation.

Academic Transcripts:

You will not receive your official award and academic transcript until your graduation date (or closer to your conferral date if you have opted to have your award sent via post). For teacher registration purposes you can purchase official documentation.


Once your final results have been sent for processing, it may take 1-10 days before they reflect in eStudent as administration is actioned in a separate department. Please do not order an academic transcript before your results have been officially published, as completion of the internship unit will not have been recorded and you will then be required to order another official transcript which will incur a small fee.


Please note – before your results can be submitted for processing, the below actions are required:

  • mentor and supervisor final reports and grade slips submitted to the university
  • a pass on the AfGT
  • completed logbook submitted to Bb and signed/acknowledged by your mentor. This will indicate completion of a full school term of professional experience days clearly indicating that any days of absence have been made up.


After your internship

The Curtin Graduations Website will provide you with the step by step guide for preparing for graduation.

Information For Academic Transcripts

You will not receive your official award and academic transcript until your graduation date (or closer to your conferral date if you have opted to have your award sent via post). For teacher registration purposes you can purchase official documentation.


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